New Activity at Camp: Archery

New Activity at Camp: Archery

This year we introduced a new activity at camp to keep it fresh. For repeat campers who have been coming to our camp annually, there is never a dull moment. We always try to find new activities (and even new meals!) for students to try. And archery is something that we have never done before.

We’re glad this new activity is very well received by the students. For most of them, archery is a totally new thing. We signed them up for an archery lesson so they can learn the right technique and safety. Coaches are there to help the students one on one.

Archery is about the posture and precision. Having your body at the right angle can help you get the bull’s eye.This what our campers learn in this activity.

Once your body is in the right position, place your focus on your goal. And shoot for the star. What a great life lesson!

It seems like our campers really enjoyed this new activity. This means there is a very high chance archery will be made a permanent activity at Chinese Camp.