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How Our Chinese Camp Programs Compare To Other Camps

Every year That’s Mandarin organizes a fascinating Chinese camp for children aged 5 -17 Years old in Beijing and Shanghai. Parents and kids choose That’s Mandarin’s camp because it’s fun and safe, and contains valuable educational features. That’s Mandarin receives over 300 individual campers every year. In comparison with government camps, Chinese camp programs at That’s Mandarin offer a variety of choices including Class-only Camp, Day Camp, Full Camp, Homestay Camp and Family Camp to meet every kid’s or family’s individual requirements. There are certain advantages of participating in That’s Mandarin Camp over choosing public camp:

  • Safe Excursions

    That’s Mandarin Chinese Camp Programs also offer local excursions such as visiting museums or traveling to a tourist attraction near Shanghai. At That’s Mandarin, safety is our priority. At least one teacher takes care of every five students during the excursion. Our teachers are all university graduates and have experience in working with children, therefore a safe and enjoyable learning experience is guaranteed.

  • Small Group Classes

    At That’s Mandarin, kids study in small groups with an average of 6 children in one class. This allows kids to quickly improve their Chinese language skills as the teacher focuses on each child’s performance. Besides, children will also have the chance to interact with the teacher and their classmates, so that they can learn Chinese in an enjoyable way and make new friends. At a public camp, where usually 20 – 30 kids sitting in one classroom and listen to one teacher, they are certainly deprived of the benefits of attending Chinese camp at That’s Mandarin as stated above.

  • Fun! Fun! Fun!

    Unlike those traditional Chinese classes held at public camps, at That’s Mandarin, an exhilarating leaning experience is guaranteed. At That’s Mandarin, kids study Chinese using our innovative methods such as story-telling and link words, which helps children more efficiently memorize new words and phrases. Our Class type includes character class, reading class, story class, animation class, etc. In addition, participating in our Chinese camp offers kids the opportunity to join different cultural events like calligraphy, paper-cutting, and making dumpings.

  • That’s Mandarin Online Learning System

    At other camps, kids usually use traditional Chinese textbooks, which are heavy and easy to lose. At That’s Mandarin, children study Chinese using our online learning system, where all the learning materials are recorded. Kids can sign up for an account and get a free access to our online courses, multimedia features and his personal notes taken in class.

 Download Brochure

Download Brochure

Compare That’s Mandarin (TM) Chinese Camp To Other Camps

  • Safety During Excursions

    TM: At least 1 teacher is in charge of every 5 students.

    Others: 2 teachers are in charge of every 20-30 kids.

  • Smaller Group Size

    TM: Average of 6 students per class.

    Others: 20-30 students per class.

  • Chinese Lessons

    TM: Classes focus more on speaking skills and include games to make learning fun.

    Others: Traditional, textbook-based classes.

  • Field Trips

    TM: Students will play games and complete tasks on field trips.

    Others: Sightseeing and photo taking only. Trips are often organized & run by a travel agency.

  • Learning Resources

    TM: Students use our online system to study and track their progress.

    Others: Paper-based learning materials and report cards.

  • Hidden Fees

    TM: None. What you see is what you get.

    Others: Books fee, registration fee, handling fee, visa fee.

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