Classes At Chinese Summer Camp

Classes At Chinese Summer Camp

Parents often wonder what goes in our Chinese classes. Do we use a textbook and read off it while learning the grammar syntax and vocabulary? The answer is no. That’s too boring.

Children are active beings; they have high energy level and constantly need stimulation to stay focused in class. We understand this and introduce different teaching/learning methods in our classes to ensure all students learn as much as they can. From using visual aids to role playing, we make Mandarin as easy as it could be. And the feedback we’ve been getting from students and their parents has been very good. Most said they learn more in the two weeks they’ve been with us than a semester at their schools back home.

Here are some examples of our Chinese classes.

Cartoon class

In this class, children watch a cartoon, analyze the story and later retell the story in their own words using Chinese.

Singing class

Call it a karaoke class if you will, this one is a funny class, with a lot of singing and learning the lyrics and meaning of a song. Some of the songs stick with them and they go home singing to their parents!

Topic Chinese class

The teacher will give a topic to the class and the students will have to come up with content in line with the topic. Students can exercise creativity and create the most interesting story as they wish. They can also act out their stories.

If you would like to send your kids to our Chinese Summer Camp in Beijing or Shanghai, you had better hurry, as summer will soon be over. 🙂