Camper Diaries: Week 4

Hayden Lau George My name is Hayden. I’m 13 years old. I studied in That’s Mandairn for 2 weeks. I feel good about my Chinese class because everyone is nice and friendly. I like my teacher Jiang laoshi very much, she always let us to be the “teacher”, so we can review and study by...

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Camper Diaries: Week 3

我最喜欢的活动 (My favorite activity) Olivia Friedberg: On Tuesday we went to M&M world. We saw the great wall of chocolate, which is a wall of M&M in every color imaginable. I have been at That’s Mandarin for two weeks. All the teachers are very nice, and I feel that my Mandarin has impoved. For the...

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Camper Diaries: Week 2

Charles, 12 我在思道睿汉语学校学到了很多新的汉字,也学到了一些中国文化,虽然不太容易明白。老师们还带我们去了上海动物园和大自然博物馆,我很喜欢那两个地方。在动物园里,老师给我的任务是,找到五个身上有红色的动物,我一边玩一边学了新的单词。我很喜欢我的汉语老师,徐老师,她的课很有意思。我希望明年还可以来思道睿学习。 At school, I write a lot of Chinese characters. I also watch short films and say sentences about the films. We get points if we say a long and correct sentence. We review the work that we do a lot. We also make sentences.  I like my main teacher, Xu laoshi. She...


Camper Diaries: Week 1

We wanted to give you an inside look at Chinese Summer Camp 2015.  So, we gave our campers pencils, paper, and some time to write down what they think.  The best part?  They wrote it in Chinese!  Below are the translations to English and the original journal entries.  Happy reading!   Darren, 9 我在学校学了汉字和很多和中国有关的东西。 我喜欢外出课,我去了豫园、田子坊和乌镇,那些地方都很好玩。...

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